Saturday, April 4, 2009

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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I would like to share some Q & A which was very useful for me in resolving some issues.

Q1. Patch Application: What do I check to make sure Service Tax patch 423736 was applied properly?
A: Check the copy.log, dbrun.log and generate.log in $JA_TOP/$APPLLOG/4239736 directory.

Q2. CUSTOM.pll: Why was my CUSTOM.pll overwritten?
A: India localization ships a CUSTOM.pll, which has code for some of the functionality to work. You have to merge the code in your CUSTOM.pll with the CUSTOM.pll shipped by localization patches/ patchsets.

Q3. PO Receipt: Pending PO Receipt transactions for Service Tax Patch Application?
A. While running JAI_RCV_CHK_PENDING_DELIVERY.sql, receipts pending for delivery with service tax attached exist. This check is to identify all the receipts for which delivery is pending, so the accounting entries will be synchronized. Proceed with subsequent patch application only if it returns the message:

Q4: Account: Will the account given at the time of defining Tax Code will be considered for Service Tax processing?
A: The account given at the time of defining tax code will not be considered in any of the processing. Four accounts defined at the time of defining the regime for each tax type will be considered. It is advised that you define separate natural accounts for each of the account type and tax type for ease of reconciliation and reporting.

Q5: Service Tax Regimes: Can I define multiple Service Tax Regimes?
A: You cannot define multiple Service Tax Regimes. However, to capture separate registration values at the organization level, you can override the defaulted registration values at an organization level.
Service Tax Setup example:
Regime Registration Assigning Organizations Let us consider an organization with the following organization structure: Operating Unit 1 � Delhi (Registration Number ST001) Operating Unit 2 � Hyderabad (Registration Number ST002) In the above scenario, both the operating units should be assigned to the Service Tax regime. To capture different registration numbers at the Operating Unit level, you can capture one of the registration numbers at the regime level and capture the other registration number (as non default) at the appropriate operating unit.

Q6: Service Tax Manual Entry Screen: What is the purpose of the Service Tax Manual Entry screen?
A: The Service Tax Manual Entry screen has been provided to carry out any adjustments or correction of errors that the user wishes to make. This is in line with the existing Manual Entry Screens available for Excise (RG 23, RG 1 etc.).

Q7. References: What articles, white papers, or manuals should I read for more information on India Localization's Service Tax?
A: Please review the following documents:
India Localizations Implementation Guide ,India Localizations Setup User's Reference Manual

Q8. Keywords: What are the MetaLink keywords I should use when searching for India Localization's Service Tax?

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